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Hello my lovely papayas,

my name is Saskia and I'm a 23 year old independent artist, illustrator & photographer. I live in Dresden, Germany but plan on traveling the world someday. I get inspired by everything and can't stop creating art in whichever form. I am in the middle of starting to run an online shop and a YouTube channel. Oh, and you might find me on Instagram, where I show you pretty much everything I create and sometimes what I eat.

When I am not taking pictures of my friends or my food, I love to sing and write songs, do my makeup, play video games or eat chocolate. Or embroider on my shoes. 🌻🐱


Where it all began

When I was younger, I always loved to be creative. I graduated high school in 2017 and went on a work and travel trip to New Zealand, which basically stole my heart in a second. As the time went on I noticed that I wanted to use my creative mind in my job, but nothing seemed to work for me. The thought of forever doing the things I already tried never truly satisfied my heart. I got stuck thinking I'm failing life because I wasn't studying. So I knew I had to be honest with myself and think about the questions: „What do I want in life? And do I want to live it for myself or somebody else?“ I came to the conclusion that I want to follow my heart and passion and especially my gut. So here I am, it's 2019, I'm 21 and trying to rock that self-employed life.

Everything is possible, if you work hard enough.


As much as I love illustrating, I love it even more to see the illustrations in other forms than just on paper. That being said, I design stickers, enamel pins, wallpapers, calendars, greeting cards, magnets, buttons and much more to sell them on Etsy and local markets. I also love to draw people, so usually my commissions for illustrating your loved ones, pets or maybe a house are open. I will let you know in the footer and on my Instagram if that's the case. 💛

For inquiries or question, feel free to use the form here.

Love, Saskia<3

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